A Family Secret, Revealed.

A Family Secret, Revealed.

My kids are always coming up with the darnest WHAT IF’s.

One of those What If’s was asking:

What we will do when my parents pass away?

My answer to that one has been for years-

We are going to have one big freaking Garage Sale.

Some of you might think the answer is a little on the morbid side, or your just down right horrified by my answer.  That is Ok.

It’s a very natural reaction.

Who wouldn’t be a little shocked to discover that a couple’s ony child is already making plans for when her parents pass away.

Do You Do, Garage Sales?
Do You Do, Garage Sales?

All family’s have a skeleton or two, in the closet they don’t want others to know about.

Which is why I have been giving my kids the same answer for years now.  I just didn’t want to have to deal with the Skeleton in my closet, yet.

You may not already know that from 13yrs to 16yrs old I ran a fruit stand with my parents.

The building still stands and has been used for storage for the past 20+yrs.

THE OLD FRUIT STAND. It takes seeing a rattle snake in the yard to put me into action of doing something that I've been putting off since 2014.

Posted by Petina M. B. Chambler on Saturday, March 4, 2017

Yes, Folks I have a family member that is a Hoarder.

If you watch the video, please don’t bother asking if the R.V. is for sale or any of the other buildings you saw in the video.

They also are packed full of 20+yrs of stuff.

I will be getting to the other buildings in time.

Now you know about one of my skeletons in my closet.

A Family Secret, Revealed.